Much attention has been paid to the formulation of back-up and contingency plans in the context of computer failure and denial of computer processing facilities. FLUX assesses the adequacy of back-up/disaster recovery arrangements not only in respect of computer system recovery, but also the impact on business and profits of potential disaster situations which can destabilise an organisation.

For example, reviews identify the consequence of Denial of access (strikes, lockout); Interruption of utilities (electricity, water etc.); Loss of key staff; Destruction of key records; Loss of telecommunications (communications carriers); Potential impact of neighbouring hazards; Natural Disasters; Sabotage.

As such, a FLUX Risk Assessment Review is based on the following steps :

Identify the potential threats to a company's existing contingency arrangements (natural disaster, utilities failure, sabotage, strike, etc)

Analyse the risks posed by those threats.

For each component of the business, assess the likelihood of the risk and the impact on the client's operations.

Quantify the damage potential of those risks (i.e. the magnitude of the loss or impact on customer service).

Determine the necessity for revised contingency arrangements (cost - benefit analysis) with due regard to any applicable regulatory guidelines or standards.

On the basis of the foregoing, FLUX assists in the formulation and implementation of revised business continuity plans.

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