FLUX Risk Services (formerly WBK International S.A.) was founded in 1988 and has rapidly established itself as a leader in the field of preventive risk management for financial institutions. Today, FLUX provides direct consultancy services not only to banks, financial institutions and insurance companies but also to a growing cross section of corporates in industry and commerce.

Competing with the best in the business, FLUX offers its clients unique expertise and solutions tailored to their corporate culture and work methods. Using this one-on-one approach, FLUX is committed to service excellence and adding value to its customer's business.

The majority of consultants are multi-lingual and can therefore operate throughout Europe. The company prides itself in the quality and experience of its staff.

FLUX works in partnership with Promexis SA Belgium & Luxembourg.  More information on http://www.promexis.com

Our services related to Insurance

Risk Management Surveys

Advising on Suitability of Insurance Programmes

Insurance Product Development

Loss Adjusting

Our services related to Information Technology

Risk Surveys of IT Security

Information Security

Risk Assessment and Continuity of Business

Our Consultancy Services

Operational Risk Under Basle II

Risk Management Strategy

Development of Internal Control Policies and Procedures

Management Audit

Physical Security

Management of Trading Risks

Implementation of Sarbanes-0xley

Flux Risk Services, a Unique expertise, Service Excellence and Adding Value

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